3 years ago
okay we need to talk about uploading things
I dunno who you are Klorpa but while I appreciate your enthusiasm I'm left wondering why you took time out of your life to upload 813 images that were presumably ripped straight from every towergirls thread you could find. For starters one character you posted if a character from Dofus, like literally that's art of her. I'd know I posted it. You uploaded the awful MSpaint wing edits of dragonprincess69 that I made before that one kind art anon fixed it. We have damn near every variant of the fanprincesses who were in the works some art that is, frankly, awful and doesn't deserve to be archived. Those models that one dude made that probably shouldn't be here anyways not to mention duplicates of art that were on the booru in the first place.

as it stands I'm going to have to go through everything present and try to delete the variants and anything that's so awful it doesn't deserve to be archived. (and I'm not talking the diaper pics even though those are on the very edge of being share worthy just from an artistic perspective)
1 years ago
I hope the upload function comes on.

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